Available to order Wednesday to Saturday free delivery 5 mile radius of Hambrook, West Sussex.


Grazing boxes delivered to your door, Pantry To Platter style! We have created boxes for your grazing pleasure. Surprise a friend, take to the beach or simply enjoy at home with your family. We offer free delivery within a 5 mile radius of Hambrook, and will do our best to deliver at a time convenient to you. Each box serves 2 -3 people. To order, drop us an email - 


Please Note - All boxes are handmade and delivered on the same day. To guarantee freshness they are best consumed on the day of delivery. 



Feeds 2-3 £30 

-Cured Meats

- Peter Yard Sourdough Crackers

- A Creamy Camembert or Brie

-Manchego or Mature Gouda

- Nocellara Olives

-Sunblush Tomatoes

- Dried Apricots

-Seasonal Fruit

-Wilkin & Sons Onion Relish 

- Crudités

- Hummus



Feeds 2-3 £25 

- Mini Sandwich Rolls with Chicken and Bacon Mayonnaise, Creamy Brie and Onion Chutney and Cucumber Cream cheese


-Victoria Sponge with Blackcurrant Jam and Clotted Cream

- Chocolate Almond Brownies 

- Scones with Clotted Cream and Jam

-Fresh Seasonal Fruit


Feeds 2-3 £25

- Granola Pots with Fresh Fruit, Granola and Greek Yoghurt

-Creamy Brie

-Milano Salami

-Fresh Mini Pastries 

- Homemade Banana Bread

- Pistachios

-Dried Apricots

- Seasonal Fruit

M O R O C C A N  T E A  B O X

Feeds 2-3 £25

-Lemon Pistachio Cake

-Homemade Yoghurt Flatbreads

- Hummus

- Peters Yard Sourdough Crackers

-Cucumber and Carrot Crudités 

- Fresh Seasonal Fruits

- Turkish Delight 


T H E  P I C N I C  B O X 


Feeds 4- 5 £45 

- Mature Cheddar Cheese

- Pork pie 

- Fresh Fruits

- Wilkin and Sons Onion Relish 

- Hummus

- Crudités 

- Quiche

- Dried Fruits 

- Pistachios

- Cured Meats 

- Tomatoes